The Top 5 Ways to Increase BDNF Levels and Regnerate Your Brain

BY DR. DAVID PERLMUTTER, M.D. & ALBERTO VILLOLDO, Ph.D. Neurogenesis: Growing New Brain Cells A virtual revolution in neuroscience has been launched by the recent discovery of the process of neurogenesis, the ability of the brain to actually grow new neurons (brain cells). Stem cell therapy, a hot button of political debate and the focus of Continue Reading

Fall 2019 Issue Out Now

Digital Edition:Order Now Collectors Edition Print Issue:Coming Soon! EXERCISES FOR ENHANCING LONGEVITY By Dr. Steven R. Gundry Not all exercise is created equal. Learn which ways of moving the body are best for extending lifespan.   NATURAL NOOTROPICS: MIND MEDICINES By David Winston Discover ancient herbal medicines backed by modern science for supercharging memory, mood Continue Reading